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Schumann & Brahms, with Nicolas Dupont, Mathis Rochat, Amy Norrington and Wouter Valvekens


14/05/2021, 20:00

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Wouter Valvekens & Sonoro Quartet: Mozart, Brahms

12/03/2021, 20:45


Mozart: Fantasy in d minor, K. 397

Mozart: Piano Concerto in A major, K. 414

Brahms: String Quartet in C minor, op. 51

Sonoro String Quartet

Mona Verhas, Jeroen De Beer - violins

Seamus Hickey - viola

Paul Heyman - cello

Mozart's Piano Concerto in A major, K. 414 is one of the well known early piano concerto's by the Viennese master. Due to the small orchestration it thrives beautifully with orchestra, but also in this intimate setting with string quartet. The concerto is preluded by Mozart's the Fantasy in D minor, K. 397. This short piece has a real improvisatory feel to it, with a surprising twist at the end.


In the second part of the programme, the Sonoro String Quartet will bring the String Quartet no. 1, op. 51 by Johannes Brahms. Heavily burdened by the legacy of Ludwig Van Beethoven, Brahms' string quartet were born out of a laborious composition process. Though the result is all the more magnificent.

Trio Aries: Beethoven, Mendelssohn

13/03/2021, 20:45


L. Van Beethoven: Trio in E flat major, op. 1 no. 1

F. Mendelssohn: Trio in C minor, op. 66

When a composer publishes a work with the opus number one, it often carries a great symbolic significance. It shows a work that Beethoven was very eager to present to the world. The opus 1 consists of three piano trios, dedicated to his benefactor Prince von Lichnowsky. In this evening's programme, the first of those trios will be performed. A miniature symphony with all classical style elements, but a generous helping of Beethoven boldness present in it nonetheless.

Mendelssohn's piano trios are regarded by many as some of the crown jewels of the piano trio repertoire. The first piano trio is one of the most often performed pieces in the genre, though its slightly lesser performed sibling is its equal in musical ingenuity and brilliance. 

Trio Aries

Alice Van Leuven: violin

Paul Heyman: cello

Wouter Valvekens: piano